04-11 July 2017
Marine mammals of Kamchatka
Swimming with orcas and sea lions
We are going for an amazing adventure: incredible Kamchatka nature, fjords, volcanoes, scuba diving with sea lions and kayaking. We will visit the beautiful Russkaya Bay with the diversity of the fauna and go north to the rocky promontory and severe Shipunsky Cape, where we will find lots of natural beauties.

Why do we go there:
  • To see with our own eyes Kamchatka active volcano;
  • To enjoy a trip on a expedition catamaran on the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Kamchatka;
  • To meet with biologists from the project FEROP, studying orcas in Kamchatka and listen to their fascinating stories, to visit their camp at the Green Cape;
  • To swim with wild marine mammals (killer whales, Steller sea lions) in their habitat;
  • To try kayaking;
  • To relax in hot springs;
  • To find lots of new friends.
A five-day sea expedition in the Avacha Bay, where we will be able to observe and swim with the marine mammals - sea lions and killer whales.

Sea kayaking, trekking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, photographing, watching wild animals in their natural habitat.

05 July 2017 10:00 am - 10 July 10:00 pm (6 days)
During the cruise we will live on an ocean sailing catamaran. There are three double and two triple cabins equipped with wardrobes and shelves. There are two restrooms with showers. The third shower is located on the stern of the vessel, there you can rinse off the salty ocean water after swimming or diving.

In the evenings coming back from a busy adventurous route, you find yourself in a warm and cozy houseboat with hot water and a delicious dinner. Catamaran is equipped with engines, which makes it possible to follow the route, even in calm weather. With favorable winds the ship goes sailing. Everyone who wants can participate in the management of the ship and with the sails. All guests will be able to train kayaking in calm conditions. There is additional equipment on board such as two motor boats, compressor, 6 tanks, SUP - sets.

Traveling on the coast of Kamchatka on a sailing catamaran, you become a real explorer and can consider yourself a pioneer!
What kind of unusual animals and birds we can see?
Kamchatka is a paradise for naturalists! The Pacific Ocean, mountain rivers with exotic landscapes, caldera and crater lakes are a rich laboratory for nature lovers. The flora and fauna of the Peninsula are unique natural phenomena. We can meet lots of marine animals such as orca, humpback whale, gray whale, fin whale, sei whale, minke whale, sperm whale, porpoise, sea lion, spotted seal, sea otters and fur seals. A large amount of birds such as Pacific gulls, Pelagic Cormorant, red-faced cormorant, kittiwake, pigeon guillemot, thick-billed murre, common murre, old man, hatchet and horned puffin.
On the bank we can meet eagles, bears, fox, squirrels, marmots and even mountain sheep.

Orca is traditionally considered not only one of the most beautiful and intelligent inhabitants of the seas, but also one of the most ferocious. At the same time, it is impossible to resist the charisma of this remarkable animal, seeing it face to face.
Day 1 (July 4)
Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, check in a hotel, rest, briefing.

Day 2
Arrival at the seaport, settling on the ship, getting acquainted with the crew, instruction, entering the ocean. Going to Starichkov Island (possible diving). Overnight in the Russkay Bay.

Day 3
Swimming with Steller sea lions at Kekurny Cape. Night sail (12 hours) to the north to Shipunsky Cape to Morjovaya bay.

Day 4
Coming to Morjovaya bay. Going to Jeleznaya bay, swimming with Steller sea lions. Night sail (5 hours) to Bechevinskaya bay.

Day 5
Coming to Bechevskaya bay. Exploring the abandoned city of submariners. Diving to a control room of the submarine.

Day 6
Searching for orcas and whales.

Day 7
Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way searching for orcas and whales. Checking into a hotel.

Day 8 (July 11)

Check out from the hotel, departure or continuing a chosen program.
139000 RUR per person

Cost includes:
  • Food (full board, three meals a day - a lot of fresh seafood);
  • Transfers according to the program;
  • Accommodation according to the program: hotel accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, other days - accommodation on board;
  • Expenses for economic needs;
  • Sailing catamaran rent, the crew work (captain, first mate, cook and sailor), the cost of fuel and food;
  • Medical and transport insurance;
  • Medicines;
  • Registration of necessary documents and permits to visit the protected area (protected areas - reserves, natural monuments, etc.) and border areas.

Cost does not include:
  • Airline tickets;
  • Evacuation in case of emergency;
  • Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, changes in schedules of flights, breakage of personal gear and equipment through the fault of the public visitors, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • the route is made considering favorable weather conditions. Depending on the weather conditions, location and other factors, the plan of the journey can be changed;
  • the plan of actions is exemplary, route will be selected according to the level physical condition of the participants, and also depending on the weather.
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