20-30 August 2017
The northern Kuril Islands and Kamchatka round trip
The Kuril arc like a narrow chain of islands connects as an open-work bridge the two worlds - Kamchatka and Japan.

The mysterious Kuril islands are part of the Pacific volcanic ring. The Islands – are the top of the highest structures of the volcanic ridge, protruding from the water only 1-2 km away and going into the deep ocean for many kilometers. There are more than 150 volcanoes, 39 of them are active on the Kuril islands. The highest volcano, Alaid (2339 m), is located on the Atlasov's island. Existence of the dozens thermal springs which are used for medical and health purposes since times immemorial are bound also with volcanic activity.

The Kuril islands are a paradise for the romantic traveler. Hardness, uninhabited, geographical isolation, existence of the active volcanoes, far from "beach climate" and lack of information do not deter adventurers, but also reinforce their desire to get on misty, fire-breathing islands which are former military fortress of the Japanese army, still hiding deep underground secrets of the past years.

Flora of the Islands is remarkable. Experts compare the Kuril Islands with a huge botanical garden, where representatives of various floras neighbor: Japanese-Korean, Manchurian and Okhotsk-Kamchatka. Here grow together polar birch and millennial yew, spruce and larch with wild grape, creeping cedar wood and velvet, tropical creepers and far-east cranberries. Traveling to the islands, you can visit the various natural zones, for example, to get out of the primeval taiga to subtropical thickets, from moss tundra to the jungle with giant grasses.

Kamchatka and the Kuril islands are the first to meet the dawn in our country.

Guests are accommodated in the oceanic sailing catamaran throughout the round trip. Three double and two triple cabins are equipped with wardrobes and shelves for things and accommodate twelve passengers. Toilet with showers is located in each of catamaran floats. The third shower is located on the stern of the catamaran for rinsing off the salty ocean water after swimming or diving.

Spacious cabins campaign with a wonderful overview of the catamaran is located in the cockpit; in the same place is galley (kitchen). On the deck there are comfortable seats, where you can spend time reading or contemplating of the surrounding beauty.

Every evening, coming back from a busy adventurous route, you find yourself in a warm and cozy houseboat, with hot water and delicious dinner. Catamaran is equipped with engines, which makes it possible to follow the route, even in calm weather. The catamaran comes sailing with favorable winds. The instruction on working with rigged is conducted for all guests. If desired, anyone can participate in the conning of the catamaran and sailing. On board all guests can find and use with pleasure a single kayak- kayaking training in calm conditions.

In traveling over Kamchatka on the sailing catamaran and kayaking you become researchers, and often, rightly, can consider yourself a pioneer!

Program of the trip:
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Shumshu - Paramushiro - Atlasov's island (vulk.Alaid) - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

  • 11 days (20-30 August 2017)

1 day
  • Arrival at Yelizovo airport;
  • Transfer to the hotel with a stop at a fish market, a supermarket and a short tour of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky; Rest after the flight;

2 day
  • Sea sailing, the transition to a bay Tihaya. Instruction in sea kayaking. Kayaking in a cozy bay, visiting grottos and caves;
  • The open ocean sailing . The gate of Avacha Bay offers spectacular views of the surrounding volcanoes and the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  • Night shift along the Kamchatka to south of the Kuril islands.

3 day
  • Traverse the First Kuril Strait and Shumshu island;
  • Go to the town of Severo-Kurilsk on the island Paramushiro, border clearance permits. Mountains and volcanoes of the island Paramushiro picturesque look from the space, but the view from the land and from the sea is no less impressive. Paramushiro is the most mountainous and most "vulkanisty" of major Kuriles. Paramushiro population today is not more than 5,000 people, and almost all of them are only residents of the city, Severo-Kurilsk;
  • Overnight on catamaran at the pier.

4 day
  • Climbing the volcano Ebeko (the weather), or an excursion to the Japanese airfield and Cape Bitobi, (you can visit the hot thermal baths or saunas);
  • The program is planned to visit the three islands of the Northern Kuril – Shumshu island, Paramushiro island, Atlasova island. Shumshu island is interesting because left Baikovo village, the landing place of the Kuril landing and Bitobi Lake. Atlasov island - active volcano Alaid. You can climb closest volcano Taketomi and examine the automatic lighthouse. Just visit this island – this is dreamfor many people. Climbing to the top is possible with the good preparation and good weather. Paramushiro island is quite large and has a lot of interesting places to visit. Warm sulfuric Yurevka river, bay Shelikhov, Okhotsk coast, the river Anna, lighthouse of Vasilyeva, Tuharka River and Olga Cape.

5-7 day
  • We are cruising through the islands and explore them.

8 day
  • Start the reverse transition.

9 day
  • Visiting Russian bay, sea lion rookeries, kayaking.

10 day
  • Starichkov island;
  • Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  • Transfer to the hotel.

11 day
  • Transfer to the airport, souvenir shops and the fish market.
Cost: 198 000 rubles per person

The cost includes:
  • food (full board, a lot of fresh seafood);
  • transfers: airport - hotel, hotel – pier; hotel - airport;
  • economic needs;
  • depreciation and amortization expenses and upgrade equipment;
  • rent a full set kayaking equipment (kayak, paddle, skirt, life jacket, helmet);
  • rent a sailing catamaran, the crew work (captain, first mate, cook and a sailor), the cost of fuel and food;
  • guides;
  • using of houses and baths;
  • health insurance;
  • expenditure on medicines;
  • the cost of registration of necessary documents and permits to visit the protected area (reserves, natural monuments and border areas).

The cost does not include:

  • hotel accommodation in the case of the spread of dates beginning / end of the route, and arrival / departure;
  • the cost of evacuation in case of emergency, do not be insured;
  • additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, changes in schedules of flights, personal gear and equipment breakage through.

  • the program is created for favorable weather conditions;
  • schedule and plan of cruise is exemplary, it depends on group level of training, and also depends on weather conditions.
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